ICDES 2020 Speakers

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Prof. Mohd Hamdi Bin Abd Shukor (Keynote Speaker)

University of Malaya, Malaysia


Prof. Jan Detand (Invited Speaker)

Ghent University, Belgium

Title of Speech: Design and prototyping methods and recommendations for medical devices






Past ICDES Speakers

Prof. Anindya Deb 
Indian Institute of Science ,Bangalore, India

Title of Speech: Vehicle Design: Current Trends and Progression into Future
Prof. Andy J Keane
University of Southampton, UK

Title of Speech: Optimization in the face of uncertainty

Prof. Stefan Dimo
University of Birmingham, UK

Title of Speech: Laser Micro Processing for Surface Engineering and Structuring

Dr. Bertrand.FILLON 
Research of IPC, the French Plastic and Composites Institute, France

Title of Speech: Mechatronics benefits for the plastic thermoforming process
Dr. Mojtaba Ahmadi
Carleton University, Canada

Title of Speech:Multidisciplinary Design of Mechatronics Robotic Systems
Prof. Du Ruxu
South China University of Technology, China

Title of Speech: Bio-inspired Wire-Driven Fishlike Underwater Robot
Prof. Cees de Bont
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Title of Speech: The power of design in igniting innovation

Prof. Lucienne Blessing
University of Luxembourg, Germany

Title of Speech: Managing expectations in university-industry collaboration
Prof. Jan Detand
Ghent University, Belgium

Title of Speech: Recreating the industry by transdisciplinary research through design
Prof. Martyn Pavier 
University of Bristol, UK

Title of Speech: Measurement of through-thickness assembly stress in curved composite structures
Prof. Jos Gunsing
Avans University of Applied Science, Netherlands

Title of Speech: Adaptive Robotic Systems Design in a University of Applied Science

Prof. Eugenio Oñate Ibañez de Navarra
Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Title of Speech: Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes. Current Developments and Future Trends

Prof. Majid Reza AYATOLLAHI
Iran University of Science and Technology(IUST), Iran

Title of Speech: Crack Growth Retardation in Metallic Structures Using a New Hole Drilling Method – Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study