Keynote Speakers (ICDES 2018)

The Keynote Speaker information will be updated shortly.

Past ICDES Speakers

Prof. Du Ruxu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Title of Speech: Bio-inspired Wire-Driven Fishlike Underwater Robot
Prof. Cees de Bont
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Title of Speech: The power of design in igniting innovation

Prof. Lucienne Blessing
University of Luxembourg, Germany

Title of Speech: Managing expectations in university-industry collaboration
Prof. Jan Detand
Ghent University, Belgium

Title of Speech: Recreating the industry by transdisciplinary research through design

Prof. Lucienne Blessing
Carelton University, Canada

Title of Speech: Multidisciplinary Design of Mechatronics Robotic Systems
Prof. Jos Gunsing
Avans University of Applied Science, Netherlands

Title of Speech: Adaptive Robotic Systems Design in a University of Applied Science